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Stanley's mom testimonial for G8 writing class

I have put my son to different tutor schools and private tutor 1:1 for reading and writing for many years but not workable to my son.  Epic is the best one to create a balance environment to learn English.  Epic lets the students to discuss, to express their opinions, to chat while eating snacks provided by Epic.  It creates an open minded atmosphere and a happy mood to express themselves.  The writing teacher helps the students gather the chain of thought and to think in deeper way, and to finish the writing  task in a certain period of time.  The teacher makes the class more dynamic and not boring.  She is a SAT writing teacher.  So she helps students to strength the foundation skills and vocabulary skills.

My son feedback is that the class needs a bit more time so they can drill in more on the writing pieces for every class.

Elizabeth M.

Geometry and Public Speaking student

I’m so happy that I went to EPIC Enrichment Center when I needed help for math tutoring in Geometry and for public speaking/debate. Friendly and knowledgeable, my tutor, Ms. Huang, was really helpful when she took the time in explaining the concepts of Geometry to me when I didn’t understand. Because of her help, I finally began to piece the concepts of Geometry together, and I was able to succeed in my Geometry class at school. EPIC also has a public speaking/debate course that I attended which I found to be extremely helpful in my every day life. I found myself applying what I learned in the class in and out of school and with the people I interacted with throughout my day. I absolutely loved the teacher, Counselor Paul L., because he made the class very enjoyable and he was very eager to help us improve. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the staff, what I have learned, and just with my experiences so far here at EPIC!

Testimonials For Leadership and Life Skills Course

The activities were great and the classes were fun! I loved it! Ms. Julienne is a
wonderful teacher. We hope to sign up for the next session! -Raegan 5 th grade

My son was in the Spring Junior Leadership Class. Overall, I felt it was a great course,
it helped him to become more self-aware. I hope he will continuously try and put these
leadership concepts into practice so that it becomes second nature.

Thanks to Julienne for leading the class with enormous energy and enthusiasm. The
course was never boring and kept my son interested the whole time. – Christina P.

Julienne instructively blends the skills and confidence needed in interactive game play,
leader story sharing and brainstorming. Most importantly, she herself possesses the
quality of a good leader- confidence, humility, encouraging, caring for people, a good
communicator. My daughter really enjoyed the leadership class and learned so much!
-Vivian (Amelia’s mom)

My daughter learned to be a more engaged listener to others. Before taking the
leadership class at Epic, she does all the talking in most social occasions. -Frances W.
(Erin’s mom)

My son is more assertive and brave to stand up for himself after taking Epic’s Junior
Leadership Course. -Ellen (Gavin’s mom)

Maria M.

A parent form Public Speaking  Class

I highly recommend Epic Enrichment Center for all of your child(ren)’s academic needs. Our high school freshman’s experience with Epic’s tutors/instructors could not have been more positive. Her math tutor, Ms. Huang, was extremely competent,  accommodating, dedicated and encouraging. Ms. Huang was instrumental in preparing her for success on the Geometry regents.

Her public speaking and debate instructor , Paul, was equally capable, accommodating and encouraging. She felt she learned valuable presentation skills and looks forward to taking additional classes with Paul in the future.

Very happy Epic Enrichment has found a home in the Great Neck area!

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