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The Leadership and Life Skills Course aims to inspire and empower children by helping them build their character, self-awareness, communication skills and courage to act when necessary.

At Epic Enrichment Center, we believe that as children develop, they need to be exposed to and taught about the things that will help them succeed in life… such as active listening skills, learning how to connect with others, and working together as a team.

The goals for our course are to teach children how to:

  1. Find their own voice and effectively communicate with others

  2. Know themselves and their personal values to make decisions and evaluate appropriate risk taking

  3. Look for ways to be helpful and solve problems creatively

  4. Develop the self-assurance and courage to step up and take action as everyday leaders in their communities

  5. Become active citizens by looking for ways to step up and make a difference as everyday leaders setting  an example of good citizenship

Course Content and Method:
Amongst a myriad of topics and fun, engaging activities, we teach them how to examine their personal values so that they may communicate their ideas with more confidence, take constructive feedback more readily and become more service oriented. Through a combination of content on Leadership, Communication Skills, Growth-Mindset and Community Service Opportunities, we strive to expose our students to do more and reach their full potential as students, family members, friends and members of our community.

The Leadership and Life Skills course requires participation as students reflect and discuss their ideas and beliefs. This is a course where students can learn by doing and trying out their ideas in a fun, safe space with games and role-plays.

The course offers Community Service opportunities because we believe that it builds character, broadens children’s horizons and their willingness to make a difference in their communities. Community Service also helps students stand out in the college application process.  We feel that teaching children about the importance of kindness, connection, service and respect toward others will help make a difference in a world that is being perpetually transformed by the digital and technological age causing an increase in isolation and arrested social development.

Why is it important to be of service to our family, friends, neighbors, and society as a whole?

At Epic Enrichment Center, we believe that as children develop, they need to be exposed to and taught about life skills; the things that will help them thrive in life.

Leadership takes place in varying degrees… whether it’s holding a door for a stranger, picking up someone’s things that dropped, guiding a group of people, standing up for someone else or finding a problem that
needs solving.

We recognize that the world needs more problem solvers, creative and courageous thinkers, inventors, and people that support that way of thinking. By helping your child develop an orientation toward problem
solving, doing the right thing and showing respect for others, we believe that you and your child will be contributing to the greater good of humanity.

We believe that if children are able to incorporate leadership skills with a Growth Mindset and grit they will have a foundation to thrive in the world and be on a trajectory to reach their highest potential.

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